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    Vistvaen Orka ehf designs a Biofixation of CO2 by Microalgae System.


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    Vistvaen Orka ehf launches a new LED-based microalgae pre-cultivation platform.


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    Vistvaen Orka ehf has developed a complete Sustainable & Green Energy Solution for the Horticulture and Hydroponics sectors.


Our state of the art LED-based cultivation technology platforms provide maximum flexibility for creating high value products and solutions that can be tailored to specific customer needs.
Our unique LED-based photobioreactor system is the only solution fully integrating photonics and biotechnology, providing highest possible bioproductivity from microalgae at lowest possible cost.
  • LED-based pre-cultivation platform for microalgae cultivation in Erlenmayer flasks. By adapting efficient O-ring LED lighting technology for Erlenmeyer flasks, it is now possible to pre-cultivate microalgae under specific light and intensity conditions, optimizing the growth and bioproductivity in early stages of the cultivation process. Different LED colors can be adapted, depending on the algae strain being used and what cultivation result is sought.
  • 7-liter LED based energy efficient Lab Photobioreactor system to full scale-u50-liter LED based Photobioreactor system for commercial production of microalgal biomass or biofixation of CO2 using microalgae. The unique integration of photonics and biotechnology is a key to the superior performance of the photobioreactor system.
  • Commercial grade microlgae biomass from selected algae strains using our LED-based pre-cultivation and photobioreactor systems. Viable production of high value goods such as natural Astaxanthin and Omega-3.
  • A sustainable & green LED-based lighting system for the horticulture and hydroponics sectors for cultivation of plants and vegetable. The new system includes thermo-electricity generation from waste heat and is 100% grid-free and self-sustainable.
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